Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So I was poking around on IMDB and I saw that Dane Cook is starring in a new movie entitled, "My Best Friend's Girl".

Here is the plot:

Tank faces the ultimate test of friendship when his best friend hires him to take his ex-girlfriend out on a lousy date in order to make her realize how great her former boyfriend is.

I'm going to now tell you the entire plot of the movie. Keep in mind, I have not yet seen the trailer.

Tank is a good dude that works at a local office. He has a fairly nice life. He hangs out with his best friend a lot, who recently was dumped. (Oh no!) Now, his best friend is just so bummed that he wants Tank to talk to his ex-girlfriend and make her change her mind. Tank doesn't want to do it, but after enough begging from his BFF he says yes. So Tank takes her out to dinner, and WOW, she is smoking hot! But Tank has to FOCUS. He's there for his friend, not for himself, right? But oh gosh, you guys. She is just so funny! And so smart! Tank goes home that night feeling bad, because he shouldn't be liking his BEST FRIEND'S GIRL. (Title capture!) But he also feels great, because this girl just stirred up something in him that makes him feel like he's walking on sunshine. [insert Katrina and the Wave smash hit at this point of the movie.] When his BFF asks him how it went, he hesitates, then says "It went great!"

[insert hour of "witty banter" from the sub-cast, such as Tank's landlord, Tank's friend's boss, and Tank's friend's ex-girlfriend's friend saying stuff like "Girlfriend, you should not be going after your ex's friend! That's just wrong!" and she responding with "I never said I was going out with him! I just said that he was funny!" Her friend replies "I sense something funny going on here..." *eyebrow raise*]

WEDDING TIME. Somehow, Tank convinced his bro's ex-girlfriend to go out with his bro again. And they totes fell in love. And now they're getting married! As Tank stands in front of the altar, behind his BFF, he stares at his BEST FRIEND'S GIRL (ding ding ding!) during the entire ceremony. She stares back, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind "I SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS I REALLY LOVE TANK OMG." When the priest asks if anyone objects, Tank frowns but does not object. Instead, his BEST FRIEND'S GIRL does! Ooh! Clever plot twist! "I'm sorry, but I can't!" she says, and runs down the aisle, dragging her white dress behind her.

When Tank's BFF discovers that Tank and his girl had a "thing" going on, he flips! He disowns Tank from his life and gives him the cold shoulder.

5 minutes later in the film, Tank is back together happily with his BFF's ex, and his BFF actually got together with Tank's sister! What?! I know, crazy, right? No one ever expects that.

Tank and the girl live together happily ever after.


Now, I challenge whoever sees the movie to give me a play-by-play and tell me what actually happens. I may have some points off, but I bet I got at least 90% of that thing down.


patrick said...

Dane Cooks started off as a stand up comedian; now he's starring in movies with Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudsen... pretty impressive.

Mary said...

impressive? I have to disagree. The three you listed are probably some of the worst actresses nowadays. And my general point was how 90% of movies today have the same stupid plot line.