Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The other day I walked into the living room to watch television. Against the laundry room door leaned two bags; one filled with cat food, the other with dog food. I'm guessing my dad had just gone to the grocery store and picked it up.

I sat on the couch and before I turned on the TV, I heard the cats* running into the room. Immediately they sensed something was different. After poking around a bit, they realized they were smelling the bags of food. They started pawing at the bags. My first instinct was the pull them away and put up the bags, but I thought, "Let's see what they can do."

After about ten minutes, they managed to pull down the bag of Pedigree dog food, claw at it viciously, rip it with their teeth, and break open a hole in the bag. They then proceeded to stick their paws in the hole and fling out pieces of food to eat.

The white cat is Hurley, and the brown one is Elwood. I should mention that Elwood is a fat slob with a gut that doesn't need to be eating any extra food. Here's some photographic evidence:

The fatso can actually sit upright like that. And not fall over. You know how they say cats always land on their feet? I think if Elwood was ever dropped off a roof, science would have a new discovery.

Incredibly smart? Or incredibly hungry?

*Normally you cannot hear cats coming into a room, but Elwood is SO FAT that you can hear his individual footsteps. (pawsteps?)

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