Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dear Milk Association,

I was at the jiffy store the other night, picking up a gallon of milk. A gallon of milk costed $3.99. I'm quite used to the price of milk, so I wasn't shocked or anything.

However, once I left the jiffy store, I noticed that the price of one gallon of gas was $2.93.

Then, I got really confused. Gas is a big deal here on Planet Earth. Countries fight over it; it's in really high demand. Gas is a very limited resource.

Cows, however, are not a limited resource. Cows are all over the place. So that leaves me wondering- why does a gallon of milk cost a dollar more than a gallon of gas? I highly doubt cows are going to become extinct anytime soon. I shouldn't have to pay nearly five bucks for some moo juice.



I really did email this to a milk website place I found online. I'm genuinely curious; I'm not just trying to be an ass.

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