Friday, June 08, 2007

Okay. I totally do not like Fountains of Wayne, I want to clarify that right now. Ever since that "Stacy's Mom" song came out, I've been strongly opposed.


I do love this song/video. I saw it on Vh1 this morning and had to watch the whole thing. I love the song- it sounds kind of retro and it's ironically upbeat. The video rocks. The bits with the band in it, with all the cheesy colorful lights in the background makes me laugh. And the best part? Demetri Martin is in it. He's one of my favorite comedians.

Also, I like songs that tell action, exactly what's going on. And this one tells that Demetri puts Coldplay on. (COLDPLAY ROCKS.)

By the end of this three-and-a-half minute song, you're rooting for Demetri and the girl to get together! It's ridiculous! It's melancholy, bittersweet, and really awesome. Watch it.

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