Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My sister recently got a longboard skateboard from her friend. She's learning to ride it well enough to ride it to work.

I was outside with her today, messing around. She is good- and by good, I mean, she gets enough speed and stays on the board without falling off. (We're nowhere even near Tony Hawk status yet.)

I fell. Twice. The first time I was rolling into some leaves, but couldn't stop the board soon enough. I did the sort of banana-peel-slip and fall. The board went sailing ahead of me while my butt landed, luckily, on the leaves. I was safe.

The second time I was going pretty good. I had a nice amount of momentum and I could guide the board left and right. I went to put my foot down and get more speed, and apparently my ankle slipped or something, because the board rolled away, and I landed Indian-style on the asphalt. I could hardly even walk after that.

I am so weak. Now I remember why I hate, HATE, HATE sports.

(My knee is still pretty sore, by the way. Who the heck invented the skateboard? What on Earth were they thinking? "Hey, let's put a piece of wood on some wheels, it will be the most awesome thing ever. You will be completely dependent on your own center of gravity, and if you fall, everyone will laugh at you. Also, you'll be in severe pain, because it will be uncool to wear knee pads and helmets.")

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