Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today in English we demonstrated using pie charts who's to blame for the whole tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was.

My chart looked like the one above. Other people did Romeo as 25% to blame, Juliet 25%, Friar Laurence 20%, etc. Not me. It's split between the two of them. Both Romeo and Juliet were idiots. You can't talk to someone for five minutes and decide you are in love with them. It doesn't happen.

So I drew this on the board, and went off about how idiotic they were- "That's stupid! They talked for five minutes and decided to get married! What a bunch of morons- nobody is to blame for this 'tragedy' besides the two fools themselves." (I said something of that manner.)

I love expressing my opinion. It is one thing that I know nobody can steal from me.

As I took my seat, most people were laughing at my rant. Except for one person, who I heard say,

"She put fear in my heart."

I don't know who said that. But I want them to know, that made my day. That's not something that is a usual, day-to-day activity. "So how was your day, Mary?" "Oh, you know, went to school, put fear in someone's heart, the usual."

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