Saturday, December 30, 2006

Have you ever played the card game Uno? If you
haven't, I highly recommend you go out and play it right now. It is awesome. I usually play at school, after lunch, and in free time during classes. It is quite fun. People you barely know ask if they can play. (I usually end up telling them no. Because there is always a slight chance that they are a major douche bag and they will run away with the cards. Hey, it could happen.)

Be warned, though. Uno gets intense. Especially if you begin to gamble items. I rarely bet money. I just really don't have any money to bet. I do, however, have a conglomeration of useless things to bet. I have put plenty of things on the line before- some coconut body spray, my library card, a picture of Stephen Colbert that I tore out of a magazine, and more. Never bet anything that you absolutely cannot afford to lose. Unless you suddenly get a crazy asinine stroke of randomness that wills you to.

My friends and I play what we call the "Floridian Version". You see, in normal Uno rules, if you don't have the card you need to put down, you draw form the pile once, and if that card still won't work, your turn is skipped. But in Floridian Uno, you continue to draw from the pile until you can play. It is more difficult and fun this way.

Haven't I totally convinced you to go out and play? Go on. Get off the computer and go play some good old American Uno.

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